Our Coaches

Anja Hoffart
Anja HoffartCompany Owner

»Two paths merge.«

As HR Manager I was able to familiarize myself with all facets of Human Resources Management. Supporting, supervising and developing personalities has always inspired my life.

Horses have been my companions for practically my entire life. They have an outstanding ability to touch and move people. Paired with my experience in business, this wonderful work came into existence – the interaction and cooperation of heart and mind.

  • Many years of Management experience in Human Resources, eventually as Personnel Manager
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner and Company Founder
  • Trainer and Coach for Horse Assisted Education
  • Certified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method (MALUFE Institute)
  • Certified teacher ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’ (MALUFE Institute)
  • Diploma in Business Economics (FH)
  • 30+ years experience with horses
  • Born in 1968
Michael Weiss
Michael WeissCompany Owner

»Bridge between worlds.«

In my professional life as an IT-Manager and CIO the personal development of fellow employees has always been important to me. Supporting and encouraging people is my passion.

After years of intensive involvement with horses I developed the desire to unite the »human and the horse world«. I consider myself a bridge between these two worlds. The practical transfer of experiences into everyday life in order to reach more clarity, authenticity and inner satisfaction is an essential aspect of my work.

  • Long-term employment in Management and Project Management functions in IT Sector in industry and SMEs and as IT-Manager (CIO)
  • Diploma as Systemic SCM-ConstellationCoach® (CAS/ECA)
  • Diploma as Systemic Coach and Consultant® (CAS/ECA)
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner
  • Trainer and Coach for Horse Assisted Education
  • Certified teacher for ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’ (MALUFE Institute)
  • Diploma in Business Economics and Computer Science (BA)
  • 20+ years experience with horses
  • Born in 1970


Horses are by nature social animals and live within a clear hierarchy. They communicate via body language and nonverbal communication. Due to this unique form of communication horses have very sensitive antennae that can detect even the smallest body signals in people. Thus their sensitivity is many times stronger than humans, and they act in the »HERE and NOW«. In his body language a person always shows the true self.

Horses have been companions to humans since ancient times. Although horses in the modern world are usually no longer part of everyday life, their inherent qualities of power and strength, grace and beauty continues to move us and touch our heart.

Horses have preserved the ability to respond honestly and directly. They approach people with curiosity, unbiased, friendly and free of judgement, and can perceive even the subtlest of emotions and moods. There is wisdom in the saying: »Horses are the mirror of your soul.«

We use these wonderful qualities of horses in our daily work with people.

Our Seminar Locations

Freiamt in the Black Forest
Freiamt in the Black Forest
The Kastanienhof lies in the middle of a beautiful landscape, ideal for leisure, vacations and recreation.
Do you love the island of Sylt, the sea, wonderful sandy beaches, clear air and the wide horizon? The island of Sylt inspired by their diverse natural landscapes and their beautiful thatched houses. more
Vidra - Rumänien
Vidra - Rumänien
Picturesque small Romanian peasant village Vidra is surrounded by rolling hills and is sheltered in the foothills of the Apuseni Mountains.
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