Executive coaching is about understanding one’s role, dealing with power and powerlessness and responsibility in a leadership position. Your own values and your own self will be considered.

Recognize your personal management style. Depending on the situation evolve or adapt can be a major goal.

This coaching is a guide and supporting to reflect on your own role understanding, which covers important aspects of your personality, including individual communication and behaviours.

By practical exercises you can experience many aspects of leadership directly by the horses and recognize how that shapes your own style of leadership. We offer practical support in developing your potential.

Who is credible and authentic, is accepted by his employees and is successful.

The employee voluntarily follows with a greater self-motivation, is more satisfied and assumes more responsibility. The operating climate improves, which is reflected in the measurable disease or turnover rate.


The special mix and diversity combining our different methods make Horsemotions Coaching so unique and lasting effect for you.

Change processes initiate, accompany and move man. Solution oriented with sophisticated concepts in a personal atmosphere in the heart of nature.

Practical – experienced experience – integrated into life – lasting effect

We use our knowledge and experience from the horse assisted coaching, the body-oriented Feldenkrais method, the power of shamanism and the systemic constellation work with horses.

You can choose individually, or trust in our competence.

Horsemotions Coaching

Coaching with Horsemotions is an individual, interactive monitoring process with focus on your professional or private topics. 

We are companions in developing your own answers and will not provide direct solutions. Because only your self-generated solutions are authentic and sustainable.

Coaching with Horsemotions is a professional help in difficult situations or stages of life, both at work and in private life.

We assist and guide you in situations of stress, anxiety, problems and personal crises.

»To recognize oneself, seems to me the most important thing a person can do for themselves.« – Moshé Feldenkrais


Optional whole days or blocks in individual sessions over 120 minutes.

Your Coaches

Michael Weiss

  • Diploma in Business Economics and Computer Science (BA)
  • Diploma as Coach and Consultant for systemic constellation work (ECA/SCM)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner
  • Teacher for ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’
Anja Hoffart

  • Diploma in Business Economics (FH)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner
  • Teacher for ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’
  • Teacher of Feldenkrais

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