As a licensed HorseDream® partner and Lifetime member of the largest European association in this field, the EAHAE, we offer the corporate approach in Germany in the field of horse-assisted professional development. Specifically and exclusively developed for companies and organizations. Please choose for the following topics:

  • Leadership Skills – Leadership Behavior
  • Team Building – Team Development
  • Junior Management Training
  • Special Skills for Sales and Key Account Management
  • Coaching for Business and Executives
  • Communication and Body Language
  • Supervision

tailored to the issues in your organization in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Romania.

Jochen Kienbaum, management consultant and human resource manager, in PM-Forum 6-2013:

“Social skills and professional success by horses. Horses are brilliant teacher (…) horse let us recognize fears, accept and overcome (…). Fear of harm – the people, the companies, the horses. Horses are deeply honest. They respond promptly and in the moment. They do not care about appearances and social status, but only ask: Who are you now in this moment? Are you competent, benevolent and integer? Do you earn trust and respect? Do you offer security?

The key in successfully dealing with fellow human beings, employees, colleagues and horses is to make it to the partner, without punishment, coercion, fear, but by recognizing, encouraging their talents and their appreciation.”

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