What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method is a proven way to get in touch with your body to increase the awareness of your particular way of moving.
Easy and enjoyable movements teach you how you to move more smoothly and efficiently and how to choose from a larger number of possibilities available.

How this works?

Over the course of our life we establish movement patterns that are eventually imprinted in our nervous system. Some of these programs are conducive to our well-being, some are detrimental and lead to stiffness and unnecessary wear and tear.

Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of this method, developed exercises to reorganize and reprogram the nervous system. These exercises show you new and different ways of moving so you can make more educated and appropriate choices. A better quality of life becomes available.

Feldenkrais for riders and non-riders, without a horse

Feldenkrais exercises specifically tailored to riders are taught and practiced in group or private lessons. Realize your dream of intuitive, harmonious, free flowing movement between you and your horse. These exercises are also interesting and beneficial for non-riders!

The group exercises are called ATM (Awareness Through Movement). In ATM a teacher verbally guides you through the exercises, which you can then practice at home. These exercises take place indoors and mostly on the floor. You need a soft mat, comfortable clothing and a blanket.

The private session is called FI – Functional integration. In FI, the teacher actively touches and moves your body. These exercises are more intense than in ATM and usually take place on a Feldenkrais table. Comfortable clothing is recommended. The objective is to increase awareness of your own body actions and, if necessary, change them. While riding this will significantly improve coordination, thus increase the suppleness of the horse.

What is been impossible before becomes possible, what’s been difficult becomes easier and what has been light can become graceful and elegant.

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