Mystic Horse – The Horse as a Spiritual Guide

Horses allow us to enter into a field of knowing. From this connection they allow us to gain important insights, experience and wisdom that help us move forward in our lives. Our method is based on years of experience in the horse-assisted work – not only with many clients but also in our own processes – as well as on the exchange and cooperation with partners and colleagues from our networks.

These experiences are wonderful and diverse – magical moments.

Through observations in everyday life and our knowledge of profound shamanic healing work we see horses as a real expression of this mystical plane.

True presence and consciousness are real expression of spiritual practice. It is a natural expression of spirituality.

With the combination of horse-assisted guidance and Shamanism we provide access to another world where you can experience the great power of presence. In contact with the horses this is vital and that is exactly what they reveal. Horses have lived on this planet for 60 million, and for approximately 10 million years in their current form. They are connected to other levels of awareness. Horses live in the present moment – in the »HERE and NOW«.


»I thank Michael for his generosity in introducing his world of animal spirits that he encountered after working for many years as an IT manager in entriprises. He says, “The horses are connected to the Universal Wisdom – the global data base”. I highly recommend and introduce this world of horses to anyone who is called for different purposes in the life. Michael is a heart-soul who is warm, lovely and helpful. Welcome to the world of non-conditional animal spirits! Namaste! Bhola«
Nepalese Shaman in over 27th generation, who is sharing the wisdom of the ancestors through »shamanic spiritual practices«., Baramasta Nepalese Shaman
»For more than 20 years, I walk with Anja and Michael on their spiritual and shamanic path – and they walk with me. Their deep devotion to their unusual vocation is exceptionally strong and focused. They are down to earth people with an earthy sense of humor. Their magical way of being with their horses allows me to immediately feel these soulful animals and their pure spirit. It flows to me easily and deeply touches my heart. I never would have dreamed that horses, made of flesh and blood as opposed to horses of the spiritual world, could give me direction, insight and heart openings. Anja and Michael are more than “horse whisperers”. They do not only understand the expressive language of horses, but they compassionately sense the concerns of their clients. And with their wisdom, together with the clarity and the authentic expression of the horses, they playfully can lead us a major step forward on our personal path, and thus affect the peaceful development of consciousness of all of humanity. It is my pleasure and honor to BE around Anja and Michael and their impeccable teachers, in the shapes of their beautiful horses.«
Shamanic Teacher and Shamanic Healer., Barbara Gramlich

Mystic Horse Program

Our intro Seminar »Touched by Horses« teaches you the basics of this particular approach of horse-assisted personal development and Core Shamanism. The intro course is a prerequisite to enter more deeply into this form of development and healing work. You meet horses in a whole new way and can let yourself be guided and moved by them.

Our advanced Seminar »Guided by Horses« leads you deeper into the subject with Systemic Constellation Work with horses according to your questions. The horses present you new aspects and open up new views.

Our Mystic Horse Seminars