Feldenkrais Method for Riders

Come closer to the realization of your dream of intuitive, harmonious, free flowing movement between you and your horse – with effective exercises from the Feldenkrais Method and Body Scan, adapted to horseback riders of all styles. Easy and pleasant exercises which you can do by yourself, at home and any time. Now also available as a webinar.

When riding a horse, the pliability of your body directly affects the movement of the horse. Once you start realizing your own impeding movement patterns, it is possible to develop alternative solutions.

In this, you also hone your body’s perception of the movements of the horse in order to create a harmonious relationship. Problems can be identified more easily and improved or resolved. Simple exercises on the ground allow you to playfully and easily let go of old, impeding movement and thought patterns and integrate new flowing alternatives.

Even long-standing painful and problematic states can improve or resolve in this way. Your breathing plays a central role.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) are group lessons in which you can independently and playfully experiment and explore.

More Awareness Through Movement – Discover a new way of riding horses!

»… make the impossible possible, the possible light and the light elegant.« – Moshè Feldenkrais

Target group

Designed for riders of all ages and styles, whether professional, amateur or recreational riders, who want to leave the familiar and beaten paths in order to find and develop a new quality of riding horses.


No prior experience is necessary.


Anja Hoffart

  • Licensed HorseDream® partner
  • Teacher of ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’
  • Teacher of Feldenkrais
Michael Weiss

  • Licensed HorseDream® partner
  • Teacher of ‘Feldenkrais and Riding’


All Feldenkrais Seminars are available as webinars / online courses for individuals or groups! Please contact us.

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