Lively seminars with special character – our training can be used as an initial ignition or as a longer-term development measure. The horses act as mirrors and catalysts.

In particular, it is a personnel development measure that clearly shows participants the complexity of teamwork, with its focus on leadership and communication.
It facilitates open cooperation and initiates necessary change processes. With our seminar concept you choose a proven method that will deliver valuable results in a very short time.

It is about personal development and self-knowledge, feedback and criticism skills, the spirit of teamwork, creativity and responsibility, intuition and goal orientation, body language and mental presence.

What is the value of this seminar concept?

Participants interact with the horses outside the familiarity of their comfort zone. There is no role playing, only deep personal experiences and immediate, judgement-free feedback from the horses, with direct transfer into everyday work life.

What happens in the different phases of the Team Seminar?

Within just two days the participants will go through the four stages of the team building process (according to C. V. Haug) »test phase, combat phase, organization phase, working phase.«

The horses will confront them with the challenges and behaviors of each phase. The symptoms of a team development process are experienced in a milder form in advance- Team trainings with horses are exceptionally effective. Everything happening between the horses and the team members is communication.

Communication reduced to what is necessary in the common work, to reach common goals.

It is about clarity, transparency, authenticity, self-confidence, respect, trust and taking responsibility.

Target group

Managers and staff at all levels.
This particular combination is only possible through the support of horses.

Regardless of your position, you will get exactly the impressions, experiences, insights, impulses, which are personally important to you.


No riding skills or horse handling experience are required to participate in this seminar. Fear of horses is quickly overcome and peer pressure is not allowed. Participants who have experiences with horses have no discernible benefits compared to other participants.

Your Coaches

Michael Weiss

  • Diploma in Business Economics and Computer Science (BA)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner
Anja Hoffart

  • Diploma in Business Economics (FH)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner

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