Coaching with horsemotions is an individual, interactive monitoring process with focus on your professional or private topics. We are companions in your developing your own answers and will not provide direct solutions. Because only your self-generated solutions are authentic and sustainable.

»Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you will help them become what they could be.« – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Coaching with horsemotions is a professional support in difficult situations or stages of life, both at work and in private life. We assist and guide you in situations of stress, anxiety, problems and personal crises.


Horsemotions Coaching

The special mix and diversity of our different methods make horsemotions coaching unique and bring you lasting effects. Initiating change, accompanying and moving people.

Practical – experience – integrated into life – lasting effect

We use our knowledge and experience of horse assisted coaching, the body-oriented Feldenkrais Method, the power of Shamanism and the Systemic Constellation work with horses. You can choose individually, or trust in our competence to guide you.

»To know ourselves seems to me the most important thing a person can do for themselves.«
– Moshé Feldenkrais

Individual Coaching

In horsemotions coaching we accompany you by questioning, reflecting and setting new impulses. We work on a basis of respect, trust and mutual acceptance, in a predetermined frame of individual needs, desires and boundaries.

Typical reasons for a horsemotions coaching are professional changes or reorientation, conflicts at work, crisis management, dealing with stress and anxiety. In addition, topics such as work/life balance, or issues in primary relationships can be addressed.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is about understanding one’s role, dealing with power and powerlessness and about responsibility in a leading position. Your own values and self-image will be illuminated. To recognize your personal management style and, depending on the situation, how to adapt and evolve it, can be a major goal.

This coaching gives guidance and support in reflecting on your own role, which covers important aspects of your personality, including individual communication and behaviours. In practical exercises you can experience many aspects of leadership directly through the horses and recognize how these insights shape your own style of leadership. We offer practical support in developing your potential.

When your actions are credible and authentic you will be accepted by the employees and you will be successful. Employees voluntarily follow with greater self-motivation, are more satisfied and assume more responsibility. The work climate improves, which is reflected in a decreasing disease or turnover rate.

Business Coaching

Having worked in commercial enterprises has been of great advantage to our consulting work as coaches. The processes and dynamics in business are very familiar to us. We do understand the emergence of personal crisis, performance downs and difficulties at work and can develop strategies for change.

Through our studies in business-economy and the many years of working in management and project management positions in industry and medium-sized businesses, including management roles in human resources and information technology, we have gained many valuable experiences for our horsemotions coaching.

Our offer is directed towards individuals as well as businesses. We assist you in all processes of change and consult to resolve team conflicts. In crisis situations or phases of reconstruction and reorientation we provide professional support, with focus entirely on your expectations and requirements.

Coaching for Couples

»The power of authentic relationship« – for couples who want to rediscover themselves and their partners or wish to deepen and strengthen their relationship. But also for couples who are stuck in an acute crisis. Often there is no specific reason but a feeling of having grown apart or not understanding each other anymore, of having nothing to talk about any longer, of having become incompatible. Reasons could be an affair, the birth or death of a child, illness or addiction problems of one partner.

Practical and experience-oriented coaching regarding partnership and intimate relationship with the help of the horse herd.

Experience true and authentic communication, moreover the effect of unconscious signals. The conscious experience of courage and trust, as well as distance and closeness. The awareness, sensing and deliberate setting of boundaries, on the inside and outside. We offer you a safe and protected environment and hold the space for you to observe, clarify and resolve patterns or blockages.

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