Experiential Seminars and Personality Coaching with Horses

– for companies, organizations and individuals

People shape companies and organizations – With horsemotions we focus on people – people with heart and mind. We guide and support the whole person in their individual process.

Horses have accompanied and touched people for generations. Experience through practical exercises the clear feedback that horses give you, thus enhance your skills and competence in a holistic way. As social and highly sensitive beings the horses will meet you with curiosity, open and unreserved

They act directly and without judging, reflecting your attitude, your physical expression as well as your intuitive behaviours in a natural way.

This »trainable method« based in the interaction with horses cannot be found in textbooks. It can only be learned through experience. For the practical exercises you need no prior knowledge of horses.

Some of our topics

  • Leadership Skills
  • Body Language
  • Team Development
  • Supervision
  • Personality Development
  • Coaching
  • Coaching for Couples
  • Feldenkrais Method
You may select your ideal seminar individually.
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Our entire program

Inspiring People | Developing Ideas | Transforming Organizations

Our special seminars for businesses and organizations are designed to develop and to enhance cooperation and teamwork. Through the awareness of communication, especially in the area of body language, and through intuitively applied leadership skills the wellbeing of individuals and the harmony of entire teams can be developed. We offer open and closed seminars.
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For individuals and couples we offer opportunities for personal development in a quiet and protected environment. We encourage and support you in finding new goals in life. We support you to deal with your fears and crises and show how to use your own intuition as a decision making compass and power source for your future. Click for more details.

Competence and Experiences

Take advantage of our methods and qualifications:

  • Coach for Systemic Constellation work
  • Certification and Licence in Horse Assisted Education
  • Leadership SkillsCertifications in bodywork and shamanic healing
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Quotes from satisfied customers

»Thank you for the professional guidance and attentive accompaniment in Systematic Coaching which gave me deep insights into my soul landscape. I am touched and take this precious treasure Experience with in my future.«
Gabriele W., Entrepreneur
»Horses are mirrors of truth. In this hands-on seminar one realizes the importance and sincerity of one’s own attitude towards the other. Leadership is learned here in a natural way.«
Swen L., Managing Director
»Incorruptible training partners reflect the what IS – free of jugdement.«
Sabine L., HR-Manager
»… Despite initial scepticism, I was very surprised what an impact the horse seminar had on me. In my daily encounters with co-workers and even family members more clarity has arisen. There were new perspectives that have worked quite well …«
Bernhard H., Managing Director
»I am able to experiment and stay completely with me! This is precisely the approach that makes this kind of experience so effective.«
Manfred J., Marketing
»It is hard to believe that such a nice four-legged being can cause you so much stress – like so many things in life, just more sympathetic – I liked it very much and I would do it again.«
Bernhard B., Key Account Manager
»The horses are wonderful companions who have guided me without any judgement, in a very loving way. The seminar was like a spark that has brought me to a lot more clarity. Thank you for your kind and loving support.«
Monika L., Freiburg
»The exciting thing about the seminar is that you can talk as much as you want. If you do not believe in yourself and are not convinced, the horse won’t move an inch. For chatterboxes like me that’s a big challenge.«
Katharina L., Sales and Customer service
»The memory of the day with you and your horses will remain deeply, vivid and the experience is still incomprehensible. With best wishes.«
Getrud L., Offenburg

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