Do you know your particular leadership style? Would you like to know how others see your leadership style? Are you aware of how you come across? Which kind of leadership signals do you send out unconsciously?

Invest in a one-day seminar with our four-legged coaching assistants.

Gain insights and ideas to support you your leadership of employees, managing projects and perfect dealing with customers.

According to the principles of learning through deep experience, we guide you through practical exercises:

  • Leadership and Management styles
  • The comfort zones of employees
  • Public, business and personal distance
  • Communication without masks
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Meta feedback from the horses

Target group

Managers at all management levels.

This unusual combination is possible through the use of horses. You get exactly the impressions, experiences, insights, impulses that are uniquely important to you – regardless of your position.


No riding skills or horse handling experience are required to participate in this seminar.

Your Coaches

Michael Weiss

  • Diploma in Business Economics and Computer Science (BA)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner
Anja Hoffart

  • Diploma in Business Economics (FH)
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Personal Development
  • Licensed HorseDream® Partner

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