People shape companies and organizations.

With horsemotions we focus on people – people with heart and mind. We guide and support the whole person in their individual process.

Horses have accompanied and touched people for generations. Carrying loads and as riding or carriage horses they have always been on our side.

Horses move and touch us as deeply in our Self.

They touch and trigger feelings and emotions in us. Horses initiate inner processes and move the subconscious/unknown to the surface. In that we are able to observe, recognize, change, and create new ways. With heart and mind for a powerful and balanced life.

Horsemotions reflects the essence of our personal experiences and visions. Our personal Vita and our professional paths are reflected in our experiences with horses.

»Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.« – Moshé Feldenkrais

Why are horses suitable as supporter on the path of personal development?

Learning through deep experience is lasting, memorable and more intense than any other learning method.

Almost everybody has had the experience of cycling, for example, and that he never entirely forgot how to do it once he had learned it.

Horses communicate directly with the »real« person, with his essence and not with the masks he has created over the course of life. Therefore, they are ideal mirrors and training partners.

The communication partner receives an honest, but never offending feedback on the state of development of their own (Leadership) – personality.

It is a wonderful and very unique opportunity to discover one’s self and to work on one’s own personal development. Emotions and ingrained patterns are uncovered, become visible, and can be consciously worked with. Horses have accompanied mankind for thousands of years. They radiate an unusual fascination and attraction for people of all ages and backgrounds.

We associate with horses attributes like strength, beauty, pride, freedom. Horses are by nature leaders and followers and therefore specialists in this field.

The handling of horses requires courage, perseverance, creativity, sensitivity and intuition. They are ready to lead or to follow. Their survival in the wild depends on it. They serve completely of their own accord as well as when they are suppressed. Either attitude is visible in the quality of the cooperation.

Personal traits such as honesty, trust, determination and mental strength have a strong influence on the handling of horses.

Our horses live in a natural herd in an open stable and are neither trained in circus acts nor developed in terms of a performance-oriented sport riding. The horses are open for everything new and for every new human. They are curious and willing to cooperate, at the same time sensitive, careful and cautious.

This trainable interaction with horses as a “method” cannot be found in textbooks. You can only »learn« it experientially. For the practical exercises you need no prior experience with horses.

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