Touched by Horses – The Horse as your Mirror

Are you looking for an authentic attitude towards yourself and others? Let yourself be touched by the grace and presence of horses. Experience the power of an unsolicited relationship and enjoy the contact with horses in a new way.

Guided by Horses – Systemic Constellation Work with Horses

Do you know this inner urge for change that wants to express itself in your life? A force too powerful to be ignored or suppressed for long?

In the Hoof Prints of Intuition

Are you an intuitive person and do you hear your inner voice? Are you in touch with your gut feelings? Intuition requires space to be perceived on a conscious level. Explore this space in this particular seminar.

Power of Authentic Relationship

Experiential seminar about partnership and intimate relationship. Together with your partner experience true communication and the power of unconscious signals, courage & confidence. Experience distance & closeness and feel internal and external boundaries.